Extraction of iron from its oxide and its equation?


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The extraction of iron from its oxide, specifically iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3), is commonly done through a process called the blast furnace method.

The blast furnace method takes advantage of the reducing properties of carbon monoxide, which helps to remove oxygen from the iron oxide and produce metallic iron. The process involves the use of a large furnace where iron ore (mainly in the form of hematite, Fe2O3) is mixed with coke (carbon) as a source of carbon monoxide. The intense heat in the furnace allows the reduction reactions to occur and molten iron to be collected at the bottom, while impurities known as slag float on top and are removed.


Here is the equation that represents the extraction of iron from its oxide:

2Fe2O3 + CO → 2Fe3O4 + CO2
Fe3O4 + CO → 3FeO + CO2
FeO + CO → Fe + CO2